References from Linkedin

Tiffany Tomasso
Co-Founder and Partner, June 9, 2014, Tiffany was senior to Rachelle but didn’t manage directly
Rachelle is extremely knowledgeable about Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. She has successfully created and implemented memory care programs. She is an excellent trainer and brings passion and excellence to all that she does.

Dale Zaletel
Retired and Enjoying the Mountain Life.
June 3, 2014, Dale managed Rachelle directly
It is a pleasure to recommend Rachelle for virtually any job that she would apply for. As her immediate supervisor as CEO of Lexington Health Care, I found her to be quite the professional and was incredibly creative in program development and team building. She made a huge impact on all our facilities, staff, and most importantly residents and their families. Rachelle is a very hard, dedicated worker who will do virtually anything for anyone and is the consummate professional. Should she ever need a reference directly, just give me a call. Respectfully submitted.

Stephen Harris
Vice President of Clinical Services & Compliance
January 21, 2019, Rachelle was a client of Stephen’s
Rachelle is ahead of the curve. I attended her Dementia Seminar in Columbus, OH and was very impressed. Rachelle was passionate, energetic, and fun; she offered both conventional wisdom and provocative insights. Rachelle captured both the challenges and successes of industry leaders within the room and then leveraged their knowledge to deliver new concepts. Rachelle painted a picture of what great memory care should look like. Leaders in the room were smiling and laughing and the enthusiasm was palpable.

Marjorie Todd
Chief Operating Officer at Highgate Senior Living
June 12, 2014, Rachelle worked with Marjorie in the same group
Working together with Rachelle was such a delight. As a driver of innovation in developing new philosophies and approaches in caring for people with memory loss, she served as a consistent source of inspiration! Rachelle’s energy and commitment to constantly doing better – each day, for each resident – was a positive and pervasive influence on my team and me.

Kristi Oliver
Senior Vice President Regional Operations at Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC.
June 20, 2014, Rachelle was senior to Kristi but didn’t manage directly
Rachelle is one of the most passionate advocates for Seniors I have ever worked with. She is an amazing trainer and motivator, plus continues to push the envelope when it comes to programming and services. She understands the unique needs of residents but is also able to hone in on what it takes to make a team go from good to great.

Todd Gabel
Regional Director Of Operations at Greenbrier Senior Living
June 18, 2014, Todd worked with Rachelle in different groups
Rachelle is extremely talented in multiple facets of senior living and has vast knowledge in programming for memory care. I have worked directly with Rachelle in the past and we are currently working together on a new memory care residence. Rachelle will be assisting us with our programming as well as training.

Bob Kallonen
Leader in Service to Others
June 17, 2014, Bob managed Rachelle directly
Rachelle is a creative professional who cares passionately about improving the quality of life for elders – she knows how to positively energize people she works with. An educational event led by Rachelle is always meaningful and memorable.

I attended Rachelle Blough’s Dementia Practitioner Certification Course and found it to be one of the most educationally valuable training days of my professional career. Her knowledge, experience, and compassion are all quite evident as she provides instruction, drawing on life experiences and professional standards to implement a program that was both engaging and informative. Her effervescent personality, creative mind, and genuine desire to enrich the lives of older adults yielded a multitude of ideas for us to implement in our facility. Staff who attended her course are better equipped to manage the often challenging behaviors and affects of people with dementia, and they are also more confident in their abilities. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachelle Blough’s class to anyone working with people with dementia in any capacity. In the 6 months since our staff participated in her class and received Dementia Practitioner Certifications, we have already witnessed a marked improvement in the quality of care we provide to our residents with cognitive difficulties.
classroom participant

Rachelle provided excellent information and valuable resources and was a very dynamic speaker.
classroom participant

Rachelle is an incredibly engaging instructor. I have been through a few of her courses and always find I have a smile on my face throughout! She is full of exciting ideas and is not only very effective but also a lot of fun!
healthcare colleague

I have found Rachelle to be truly passionate about what she does. She believes in what she is doing and it shows.
healthcare colleague

Rachelle is very supportive, great encouragement and has a great wealth of knowledge to share and I am thrilled to soak it all in!
healthcare colleague

Rachelle has a very professional and positive attitude and is respectful of everyone.
healthcare colleague

I love Rachelle’s energy and passion for what she does.
healthcare colleague

Very nice to hear information with personal stories.
classroom participant

Rachelle was phenomenal. Great exercises and enthusiasm.
classroom participant

She kept me awake for the whole session. Great job!
classroom participant